Tips for a Magical Party/F.A.Q.

The magic is in the details ✨ 


Our Fairy Godmother does her best to make sure your party is as magical as possible! Here are some tips and tricks you can do to make it the best day ever!

COVID-19 Party Safety Tips

Although social gathering restrictions are now beginning to lift, we still recommend customers to be cautious for their safety and the safety of others! Check out these recommended safety tips for your upcoming party! 

  • Have hand sanitizer readily available and/or have easily accessible hand washing stations for party guests.

  • Blowing out birthday candles is a quick way to spread germs! We recommend getting a small cake or cupcake for the birthday child to use while blowing out candles. The main cake can be used to picture purposes and serving to guests! 

  • Continue to follow the state's current rules for maximum number of participants in a social gathering.​ (Last updated May 2021)

    • Indoor Parties: 100 guests

    • Outdoor Parties: 200 guests

  • Wear face masks and gloves as you and your family see fit! (Please note that current NC COVID restrictions require our cast members to wear masks during parties. Performers will remove their masks for picture purposes and applicable activities such as sing-a-long. During said activities, performers will stand a minimum of 6ft from party guests.)

  • Plan to have the character(s) arrive at least 1 hour into the party. This allows for any late guests to arrive so that everyone can get time with the character(s) and experience the fun activities we have planned!

  • Speaking of time, does your birthday child still take scheduled naps? Plan the party for after nap time for a happy child! 

  • To best prep for the character(s)' arrival, make sure to have open space for activities and a table for any applicable table top activities.

  • BE PRESENT! Enjoy watching your child create magical memories on their special day! Designate a friend or other family member to take pictures for you during the party. Looking for a professional photographer to capture your party? Contact our Fairy Godmother to add a photographer to your party package!

  • We hope our visits are the highlight of your event, and may even be the big surprise for the birthday child. Please note that surprise visits from our characters can cause the children to be starstruck, and may take a while to warm up to our character. To get the most out of your visit, drop hints to the birthday child or ask our Fairy Godmother for fun ideas!

  • To ensure the safety of your guests and others at pool parties, please make sure that all children dry off before meeting the character. (Swimming mermaids are an exception!)

  • LESS IS MORE!- Don't overwhelm your child with too many surprises in a single party (ie. bounce house rental, cotton candy machine, AND a princess visit). Kids tend to get overstimulated and don't get to fully enjoy each of them if there are too many activities going on at once! We kindly ask that you turn off inflatable bounce houses during the duration of our character visit. Please note that our characters do not join children in jungle gyms and bounce houses.

  • Each party has a personalized schedule for the character and their attendant to follow. This allows them to maximize their time at your party and give you time to relax and enjoy the character's visit! 

    • All parties include a complimentary coronation ceremony or superhero oath ceremony immediately following singing Happy Birthday. We place this at the end of the visit to allow for a smooth transition out of the party. Please let us know if you would like this ceremony to be done at a different time of the party!

Q. How can I book a party?

A. Please visit our "Book Online" tab or contact us via email, phone call, or Facebook. 

Q. Do you travel outside of Wilmington?

A. Yes! We travel for free within 30 minutes of UNCW. After that, we charge $30/hr. Please see our Party Packages Page for more details. (Please note that all travel fees go directly to the performer and attendant to compensate for their time and travel expenses)

Q. How many guests can we have at each party?

A. We allow up to 20 participants for each party. Each additional child is a $2.00 charge. (Price will be adjusted on your final invoice)

Q. Do you accept tips?

A. Absolutely! Tips are split exclusively between to the performer(s) and their attendant. Cash tips highly encouraged!

Q. I am interested in booking a character that you do not currently carry. Can I make a special request for that character?

A. Yes! Message our Fairy Godmother. She will do her best to fulfill all requests!

Q. How early in advance can I book?

A. We only accept private party bookings 6 months in advance. Public event bookings can be booked 1 year in advance.